Matthew Cianfrone

Age: 23

Lives in Los Angeles

In 2014, Matthew gained admission to the University of California, Davis to study and play Division 1 water polo. Matthew left his role as a water polo player in search of his passion and career. Growing up, his escape was art and photography. Working with what he knows and enjoys, Matthew graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Design.

Between his second and third year at the University, Matthew took a gap year to build a professional and financial foundation for himself in Los Angeles. He found himself working at Patagonia in Santa Monica and Sweet Lady Jane Bakery in Santa Monica. Matthew eventually ended up working with Patagonia in total for two and a half years where he found his passion to serve the environment.

Back on campus, he volunteered at The Craft Center, a close-knit community structured around their love for the arts. During his final two years at school, he has been interning with art professor Timothy Hyde. What started originally as a Teaching Assistant job for an advanced photography class quickly became a friendship and mentorship between Matthew and Tim, which helped Matthew learn more about himself and photographic processes. Over the three years spent together, Matthew has helped Tim develop multiple photo projects, which have been shown in SF MOMA and other museums.

Matthew was born in Atlanta, Georgia where he and his family narrowly escaped a tornado before relocating to Miami, Florida. Once there, Matthew grew up with little to do, which helped shape him into the creative and explorative person he is today. When he was 12, his family moved to Los Angeles, California. Matthew used sports to make new friends and start building a new life. His current interests and hobbies include crossword puzzles, racquetball, and surfing.